Birth Matters.

Birth Matters.

Birth Matters.Birth Matters.Birth Matters.


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About me

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My name is Ashley Sipes, I am now a mother of two! It all started when I was 18 years old and in an Arby’s bathroom. I saw a plus sign on a pregnancy test. I spent so much time putting together a nursery for my new baby and worrying about what maternity clothes would fit me. I didn't understand the extent of planning, education, or support for birth itself. This includes postpartum planning! I thought birth just "happened" to you and then you moved on, with little to no say in what "happened". I was fear driven, a nervous teen, and didn't want to learn. To be honest, birth was something that I wanted to avoid all together. Why so much fear? It seemed like such an out of control emergent thing. Loss of control is one of my biggest fears. 

I endured a traumatic birth, which lead me to this beautiful journey of birth work. After facing my traumatic birth and working through it with therapy, I want to help others. My goal is to offer support, provide education, and uplift all birthing people. No matter what kind of birth you have in mind, your birth matters, and you matter! 

I am a childbirth educator through Bebo Mia, training as a postpartum doula, and shoot photography for fun! My work is based in Caldwell County and surrounding areas. To find a birth worker in your area, please use my resources page. For my rates, check out my services. If you’re interested in a childbirth education class, one on one education, or birth support please contact me!

Art by Susan Bentley @artsy.droid

our purpose

We want to share your story, empowering or traumatic. Know that you aren't alone and that we see your power! We want to help provide resources for ALL birthing people and parents, whether it includes reproductive health or mental health. We want you to leave our site feeling informed, educated,  and  validated. We encourage you to take up space, to shout your birth from the rooftops!

We strongly believe in you. Your birth story matters!

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From vaginal birth to belly birth, we want to share your story! Check out our Docu Series and subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

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Birth stories matter and we want to use our platform to share yours!

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We want to share your birth story because your story matters.

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We want to help direct you to evidence based information on childbirth.

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We want to provide you with all of the right resources to feel confident about your birth.

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