Belly Casting

What is belly casting? 

It is a process where a birthing person’s belly or form is casted or molded as a keepsake of your pregnancy. This is to celebrate you and your little one! Most folks hand their casts in their baby’s nursery or home for decoration, to remember their pregnancy. The best time to cast your belly would be around 35 - 39 weeks gestation. I will provide snacks, casting materials, and a mini photo shoot if you wish!

I will come to your home or preferred location. I will provide all that you need to have your belly casted. All that you need to do is figure out how you would like to be casted. 

If you would like art on your belly cast, let me know! I can paint your cast or send it to a friend (included with regular price).

Designs include might include:

  • Regular painting 
  • Modge podge 
  • Bedazzled
  • And more! If you have a specific cast in mind, email a photo!

Casts will be returned to you within 3 weeks of casting (time may depend on what design you want). 

(Sliding scale and price is negotiable)

Birth Preferences

The power of a birth plan isn't the actual plan,

it's the process of becoming educated about all your options!"


Maybe you have heard of birth plans, that’s great! If not, I’m glad that you asked! Birth plans and preferences are important, to get an idea of what you might be comfortable with during your labor and birth. Though plans might not always go to “plan”, it’s great to get an idea of your wishes and how you envision your birth. It’s also important because you can learn through your preferences. From being medicated to unmedicated, your preferences still matter! I will meet with you and we can go over these preferences and education.

For $200, this would entail:

  • 4 hours of one on one or virtual support and birthing options 
  • Preferences and planning for pregnancy, labor, and even a postpartum plan! 
  • Education, answering any questions that you might have, and addressing any anxieties or fears.

(Sliding scale prices are available, please ask)

Childbirth Education

er what type of birth you are having, from home to hospital, education is key! You can be an experienced parent, first time parent, with a partner or without. Learn all about birth with me! All virtual classes can be made to accommodate busy schedules. Please, check my event page and Facebook for upcoming group childbirth classes. Otherwise, you may contact me for a one on one or virtual class! These classes may be in home, virtual (FaceTime), or group meet ups. I offer a 100% refund back if you go into labor before your scheduled class, otherwise, please reach out if there is any issue. Sliding scale prices are always available, please ask!

Baby Bootcamp, $45 (per couple):

You have the option of a one day, fast paced class. This would last all day, 6 hours long, with breaks and snacks provided. In your home, virtual, or as a group (location provided on event page).

Weekend Warrior, $40 total or a payment of $20 with each class (per couple):

2 weekend course, 3 hour long classes. Virtual, one on one, or as a group. 

  • Learn about anatomy during pregnancy and physiological birth
  • Labor signs, stages, and phases
  • Comfort and measures and techniques for labor, hands on support, and partner support 
  • Birth preferences, planning, and advocacy from pregnancy to the postpartum period
  • Addressing any fears and anxieties around childbirth 
  • Newborn care, planning, and options
  • Answering your questions on resources or options during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum perio

Birth Support

Birth Doula 


  • Virtual or in person 
  • 2 phone calls to answer questions or offer support 
  • Unlimited texting and email
  • Physical and emotional support during labor for you and your partner 
  • Photography 

Birth Doula (Package)


  • Everything listed above!
  • Add ons for this package include:  Birth preferences and wishes planning, childbirth education classes, and belly casting!


Pregnancy announcements, maternity shoots, birth photography, and fresh 48 sessions are all something that I am in awe of! I’m an aspiring photographer and still have some to learn. This service is currently free of charge or included in my package deal. Let me know what type of photography you wish to have, or you can have all 3! We will set a date, I will scout a location to meet your wishes, and plan accordingly.